Temperament Traits and Executive Functions

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The Reason Your Child is Easy or Not-So-Easy


Temperament traits and executive functions are the building blocks of brain function and are really what makes kids tick and are responsible for the Easy or Not-So-Easy label.

Temperament traits are first on the scene followed by the executive functions. Temperament traits are genetic, i.e., inherited from the child’s parents. They are present and functioning at birth. They can be measured at thre ........

Glossary of Terms for Struggling Children

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Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come and is very common in NSEC, particularly the nonadaptable. These kids overcorrect by over planning and insisting on their plan which ........

What Makes Your Child Tick?

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Why are children different and why do some things work and others don’t and why do other dilemmas of raising children stress me out?

Why do some kids sail through their childhoods while others struggle? Why do some parents seem to have all the answers while others are at a loss to manage their children? Why? Why do kids do what they do? Some say, “Well, they are kids; they just do crazy things?”  We know that our brains are developed before birth.  Genes provide a blueprint for the brain, and t ........