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You Have Found Help

Dr. Bob | struggling child, struggling parent | 0 Comments | Post Date: April 18 2019


Welcome to my website: The Not-So-Easy Child

If you’re a parent who has ever asked, “Why does my parenting life seem so much harder than that of  my best friend, neighbor, brother or my sister?”  You have found help.  You dearly love your child but there are some days when you wonder, “Why is it so hard to be his/her parent?” 


You have found the Help you have wished would appear. If you are a grandparent, teacher or a caregiver who has wondered how you can help a child who seems to be struggling so much, you have found help. This website is a companion to my book The Normal but Not-So-Easy Child. My book and website/blog are designed to help you understand why your child is not easy, how you can help your child’s struggles and how to relieve your frustrations, anger and guilt. The goal is to achieve just-right parenting for your unique child.


This site is your professional resource to seek answers to your questions. Parents worry about their parenting, their child’s behaviors, learning, school progress, self-esteem, being bullied and how to discipline, to name a few. In a nutshell, how do I best raise my child without scarring them for life and remaining sane at the same time? 


We will discuss how to go to Target without buying toys, gum, candy and your child’s throwing a fit. We explore trips to the mud hole, and how to raft down the rapids of the Behavioral Cascade. I will discuss social trends and the current research about kids. I’ll discuss my research in early-childhood education, what neuroscience has proven such as why pupils struggle and what needs improvement?


I promise to present the topics professionally, but with humor. We must laugh because raising NSE kids can be fun and growing up is a funny business.


What makes me an expert? Well if an expert is made by multiple, frequent mistakes, sleepless nights worried about your child, conflicts with a NSE child, disagreements with my spouse about how best to proceed, witnessing my pediatric practice parents struggling similarly and living to talk about it, then I qualify.  


I have had lots of help. My wife of over 50 years, my two children and five grandchildren have taught me, humbled me.  From  the “In The trenches” experiences, I will  share some best practices, hints, tips and truths.


Why is your life with a  NSEC more difficult, what is a  NSEC, and how do you navigate these challenges?


The number-one message for you is that you are a good parent   and your parent practices are NOT causing your child’s challenges. Secondly, you have a full bag of guilt that I want you to leave in the trash as you exit this site. Guilt is destructive, serves no positive purpose and makes you second-guess yourself: all negative voices in your head. Stop listening.


Happy reading!


Dr. Bob



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